On the last Wednesday of November, 24 students from Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong came to CoCoon and continued their entrepreneurial journey on STEP Two- Ideation Lab. We are so impressed by all the innovative ideas LPC students have come up with.

Here are the highlights of the day:

Design Thinking workshop
Spaghetti Marshmallow Challenge
Ideation in progress…
Pitching their ideas to their fellow classmates

“Over half of our students hail from overseas (90+ countries). Many of them are aspiring change-makers. My hope is that they can channel their passions through entrepreneurship to drive change in communities around the world.” — Ms. Fiona (Teacher of LPC)

“I hope they (students) can learn about design thinking and pass the skills onto others who come to our outreach program.” —Mr. Adrien (Teacher of LPC)

“Entrepreneurship, unlike other traditional school subjects, could not be learnt on paper. It has to come from hands-on experience and observation of our daily lives. Therefore, I wish I could gain insights into how entrepreneurship works in the 21st century and talk and work with some galvanising entrepreneurs. I am sure that their experiences would benefit me in comprehending entrepreneurship more and possibly start my own business.” — Oscar Lam (Student from LPC)

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「浩觀創業基金」(CoCoon Foundation) 為非牟利團體,致力推廣香港創業精神, 讓創新科技人才能發揮所長。

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