Last Saturday, the first teacher training of the year had been held virtually. Six teachers participated in the training and explored how they could adopt Design Thinking in their school environment. We also invited Andy Ann, the founder of NDN Groups, to share some insights on what entrepreneurship means to him.

Here are some highlights of the training,

Our first teacher training was ready to start!
Andy’s sharing
The teachers were solving an e-payment problem together via Miro
Jordan, our CCY team member, was being interviewed by our teachers during the DT exercise

Question: As an educator, what are your hopes for your students?

“To be able the cope with the changing world. To be able to live in the way they like. To be able to develop their full potential. To accept the challenges in life.” — Ms. Catus Lei @Munsang College (HK Island)

“I hope they (the students) have a good attitude towards life. It may fail sometimes but fail forward.” — Ms. Catus Lei @Munsang College (HK Island)

“I hope they (students) can be courageous and proactive to face all challenges in the future. To find their own passion and be persevering in chasing their dreams” — Ms. Ho @Holy Trinity College

Question: What kind of advice would you offer a secondary school student in preparing for the future?

「在中學階段,不要只集中課本知識以及準備應試,應該要勇於挑戰自己,參加不同類型的活動開拓眼界,而創業家精神及創意思維是將來你們必備的技能。」 — Mr. Anthony Lam @Caritas Tuen Mun Marden Foundation Secondary School

“Listening and getting feedback is vital” — Mr. Rex Wong @Confucius Hall Secondary School

“Be open-minded to hear and learn” — Ms. Jenny Chung @CCC Mong Man Wai College

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