Last Saturday, we hosted our final Corporate Challenge showcase of 2021, featuring IBM HK. In a short span of 2 weeks, students met with IBM representatives to hear about the IBM’s hopes to utilise technology to help solve society’s problems, going on to ideate innovative ideas for IBM’s challenge.

IBM x CoCoon Foundation

This time around, the challenge that students tackled was:

“How might we help ensure a safer commute experience with the help of technology amidst COVID-19?”

From ultraviolet sanitising technology, to using bluetooth as a means of tracking crowds, to app based solutions — impressive ideas were born from 3 entrepreneurial competencies that we wanted the students to focus on for this challenge: creativity, to value ideas and to think sustainably and ethically.

Our winning team for our final Corporate Challenge is Group 4 from 4 of our network schools including: CCC Ming Yin College, SKH Bishop Mok Sau Tseng Secondary School, Christian and Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School and TWGHs Lee Ching Dea Memorial College

Idea of the winning team
Idea of the winning team
Idea of the winning team
Idea of the winning team

Attached are some of their slides that showcase their creative idea and self-conducted research, earning them their title. We would like to thank IBM HK again for their involvement in the Jockey Club CoCoon Student Training in Entrepreneurship Programme (JCCSTEP) and providing students an opportunity to exercise creativity and showcase their insights into how corporates can take a step towards “in-trepreneurship”.

「浩觀創業基金」(CoCoon Foundation) 為非牟利團體,致力推廣香港創業精神, 讓創新科技人才能發揮所長。

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