CoCoon Foundation 成員介紹 — Hannah

Hey there! I’m Hannah :) Let me first share a bit about myself with you. Ever since I remember, I was always interested in art. I would spend most of my time coloring, doodling, and imagining. Following this path, I ended up going to an art school for college- Savannah College of Art and Design. I went in undecided with my major but ended up picking Industrial Design.

Many of their majors interested me but I picked Industrial Design because there was a graduate there that created a portable water filter that was made for people that couldn’t get access to clean water. It really resonated with me because I wanted to learn how to use my talents to help people.

After graduating, I got jobs in corporates and startups where I worked as a graphic designer, communications, product designer, and event planning. Through each job change, I was trying to figure out what it is that I wanted to do with my life and how I can contribute to society. Long story short, I did some soul searching and come to the understanding that education is the root of the community and has the power to make or break a person.

Luckily, I got to be a part of the amazing mission that CoCoon Foundation has where we equip youths with 21st Century skills.

Hopefully, you feel like you know me a little bit more after reading this! Every day at CoCoon Foundation is different for me so let me share with you what I got up to the past week!

Young Entrepreneur Award

Young Entrepreneur Award is a platform for us to recognize those that have innovatively solved a real problem around them. This year, we invited the top three finalists to pitch their idea at #CoCoonPitch! I was so proud of them. Check out their ideas below

Gold Award — An app that helps citizens to deal with food wastage

Silver Award — A device that alerts the deaf during emergency situations

Bronze Award — A smart baby outfit to keep track of their temperature to prevent overheating

CoCoon Youngtrepreneur UX Testing

We are working on creating an interactive and immersive pre-test for all students to take. This is to help them and us to understand where they’re at in their entrepreneurial competencies. At CoCoon Foundation, we believe successful entrepreneurs have 15 entrepreneurial competencies (Coping with Uncertainty, Planning & Management, Mobilizing Others, etc). We wanted to create a story like quiz like Pottermore so we recruited the help of a UX designer! She did the first round of interviews with some of our student leaders this week. We’re really lucky to have these student leaders- we met them from our first year of running Innovation Camp and they have continued to come by regularly for the last couple years!

Speaking of student leaders, they were featured on 星期日檔案 last week on TVB! They were sharing about their entrepreneurship journey! You can check out the full episode here! Honestly, whenever I hear our students share their growth, it makes all the hard work worth it. I feel so honored to be able to walk with them through this journey and that we are creating a positive impact not only in them but I see the ripple effect happening where they are creating positive changes in their circle as well.

That’s it for this week! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions in the comments!

「浩觀創業基金」(CoCoon Foundation) 為非牟利團體,致力推廣香港創業精神, 讓創新科技人才能發揮所長。

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